Svit Programme Call Centre

If you dial 01 62 04 521 you will reach highly trained professional from the field of gastroenterology and oncology. Employed in the Svit Call Centre will be happy to answer all your questions on the Svit Programme, treatment process, colorectal cancer and any other questions regarding your participation in the Svit Programme. If your test results were positive, call the Call Centre, where you will discuss on the most suitable time and place for your colonoscopy examination. You can call them from Monday to Friday between 9.00 AM and 2.00 PM.

Since the employed in the Call Centre deal with sensible personal data on a daily basis, they sign the Statement on the personal data protection, which determines that they will not forward these data.

Employees in the Call Centre work on a very professional level and the offer you detailed information on colorectal cancer and the Svit Programme. The kindness and persistence of the Call Centre motivates many people to respond to the Svit Programme invitation. They are pleased when the disease is detected early enough to be successfully treated or even prevented.