Making arrangements for screening colonoscopy

Your stool samples have been analysed in our laboratory. Since the test results of laboratory analysis for faecal occult blood in your stool were positive, you need an examination of your large intestine. The most suitable examination is a colonoscopy.

A positive result means that the analysis showed blood in your stool samples. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have colorectal cancer. The majority of people with a positive result don’t have cancer. The result merely means that there may be certain changes going on in your colon, which have caused the bleeding and therefore need to be examined in detail. To determine the cause, we must examine your large intestine. The most suitable test for this is a colonoscopy.

Your general practitioner has been informed about the results. Please make an appointment with your doctor no later than within one week after receiving laboratory test results.


Before you visit your general practitioner:

- Carefully read the instructions provided in the letter in which we informed you about the laboratory results of your stool sample analysis. Take the letter and all the enclosed documents to your general practitioner.

- Fill in the part of the questionnaire, which we have sent you, that refers to your family’s medical history (anamnesis). If you are not familiar with the details, contact the competent health institution. Your general practitioner will fill in all other sections of the questionnaire together with you.

- Arrange a health insurance certificate.

- Prepare a list of all the medications you are taking for other health problems.

- Gather all the results concerning your health condition in the recent period – your general practitioner may need them.

- Prepare any questions that you have about the course of the examination, so you can ask your general practitioner.


Visiting your general practitioner

Your general practitioner will monitor the entire course of the examinations and your treatment. After talking to you and performing a general check-up, they will determine if your current health condition allows you to undergo a colonoscopy.

You may need to change your current medications before the colonoscopy procedure, since they might affect the course of the examination (especially anticoagulants). Tell your general practitioner exactly which medications you are taking on a regular basis. Do not stop taking any medications without your doctor’s consent and follow their instructions.

Please consult your general practitioner if you have any of the following health conditions:

- diabetes;

- kidney disease;

- heart disease;

- lung disease;

- high blood pressure;

- haemophilia;

- epilepsy;

- some other chronic disease.

They will advise you about how to take your current medications before the examination.

If your health condition is suitable, your general physician will give you a referral, a prescription for MoviPrep with all necessary instructions and together you will out enclosed questionnaire, which you hand to your specialist doctor at your colonoscopy examination. You will obtain the laxative from the pharmacy free of charge. Please bring all your medical documentation, which you obtain from your general practitioner to the colonoscopy appointment, especially important are the results of any possible prior colonoscopies. If your doctor assesses that a colonoscopy is currently not suitable for you due to your health condition, you will discuss and decide what steps to take; your doctor might consult a gastroenterologist.

As part of the Svit Programme, the Center Svit will organize your colonoscopy procedure in close cooperation with you and your general practitioner. Please call us immediately after your doctor’s appointment – you can ask the nurse to call us on 01/62-04-522, or you can call us on the same number from Monday to Friday between 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM. You can write us an e-mail to or send us a fax to 01 62 04 529. We will arrange the time and place for the colonoscopy that fits in with your schedule.  We will send you a notice by post with the exact date and time of the colonoscopy and the address of the clinic where you will undergo the examination. You will undergo the colonoscopy in one of the 25 authorised centres across Slovenia. Please call even if your general practitioner determines that your health condition is not suitable for the colonoscopy at this time.