Cookie policy on  website

Cookies are small text files sent by the website and stored in the web browser (device) to access a site. They are used to enable a better user experience. With cookies, a website "remembers" the time of your visit (session cookies) and your return to the site (persistent cookies). When the device returns to a website, the data stored in a cookie can be returned to our webpage. 

Cookies can be set by websites you visited (first party cookies) and by other websites/services which display the content of a webpage you visit (third party cookies) - e.g. Youtube, Facebook.

We use different types of cookies on our website:

Essential cookies:

Some cookies are essential for the operation of a website. Such cookies enable the user to use a website without any disturbances. Without them, the website would not work properly.

- Session cookie _PSTN-WEB_session: Created when the user opens a website, it enables the device to remember the user's activity while browsing the website. The cookie is deleted when the user closes the browser.)

- cc_analytics: Used to store the user's permission to use cookies for Google analysis. The cookie expires after 1 year.

- cc_googlesearch: Used to store the user's permission to use cookies for Google search. The cookie expires after 1 year.

Functional cookies:

Used to record stored preferences (e.g. private/business user selection). These cookies enable the user to customise his or her use of a website.

Google search engine: Google search engine cookies are used to enable users to search the content of our website.

Performance cookies:

These cookies are used to improve user experience. Information gathered by means of cookies helps us understand how users use a website and decide on functional and material adjustments.

Google Analytics:

  • __utma: This cookie is used to distinguish between individual users. 
  • __utmb: This cookie is used to establish a new visit or a new data exchange period. 
  • __utmc: This cookie is used for harmonisation with the library urchin.js. 
  • __utmz: This cookie stores information on how the user came across a site.
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