Vision and mission

The vision

The vision of the Svit Programme is to timely detect precancerous changes and colorectal cancer for in as many people from target population as possible.

The mission

Ministry of Health of the RS developed the Svit Programme in 2007, whose mission is to provide a high-quality screening and early detection programme for colorectal cancer for citizens of the Republic of Slovenia in the age target group. Screening for colorectal cancer is especially effective. Because we can successfully treat early detected cases with timely polyps’ removal and thus even prevent cancer.

The mission of the Svit Programme is thus the reduction of colorectal cancer morbidity and mortality and the increasing of the share of found precancerous changes in rectum and large intestine.

One of the aims of the Svit Programme is that at least 70 % of invited persons will actively participate in the Programme. Thus, it is essential that we achieve completely new actions, some new attitude towards health, a great level of trust and gain new skills. Each individual must follow several steps when they join the Programme.

Successful implementation of the Svit Programme can prevent suffering for patients as well as for their family members and can even prevent colorectal cancer.